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RB 86, 1 liter - Price € 24.00
Based on neem oil and aromatic herbs against biting insects on stabled and pasting animals. Dilute 1 part of RB 86 with 3 parts of water. Apply with a spray, a damp sponge or a brush in difficult areas as mane and tail. Apply every 2-3 days or as often as needed.
For cleaning stables: mix 1 liter RB 86, ˝ liter Iodine solution and 50 liters water for desinfectant and repellant effect.
Shampoo with neem, 500 ml - Price € 16.00
Against parasiting insects on horses and pets.
Shake the bottle a little before use. Work up a lather in the wet fur. Rinse out. Repeat the shampoo and let it work for some minutes before rinsing out.
250 ml Shampoo with neem, 250 ml - Price € 10.00
As above, in dog size.
Teneryl, 225 g - Price € 9.50  (Normal price € 18.95)
Hygiene biocide for veterinary use.
Apply the salve on superficial wounds and scratches to dedinfect, calm itchiness and protect the wound against water and flies.
On sale because of new design of the tube.
Mygg & Sĺnt, spray 500 ml - Price € 17.00
Effective repellent against flies, mosquitos and other biting insects. 100 % protection for 6 hours and 91 % for 8 hours. Light mint scent. Does not stain clothes and leather, avoid spraying on plastic. For animals and humans from 3 years.
Mygg & Sĺnt, 50 ml - Price € 6.00

As above. Practical pocket size for hacking out.
DR 1, 500 ml - Price € 24.00
Repellent spray with micro-incapsulated Icardin. 100 % protection against mosquitoes' and ticks' bites for at least 8 hours, up to 6 days repellent effect when sprayed on cotton cloth.
DR 1, 50 ml - Price € 8.00
As above, in pocket size.
MK 19, 50 ml - Price € 7.00
Repellent spray with micro-incapsulated DEET. 100 % protection for at least 8 hours against mosquitoes. It works also on other insects.

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